PR in the Entertainment Industry

Since I was little, the entertainment industry has always captivated my heart. The lights, the glamour, the parties, the red carpets- it has always had an inspiring effect on me. When I was little I would spend hours making up “tv shows” that I was the star of, singing concerts to all my stuffed animals and signing autographs for my “fans”. When I got a little bit older, I realized that I had little to no entertainment “talent” and I would most likely never be the mega star I aspired to be. However, I learned that although I may not end up being a star myself, I could still work with them. My dream job in PR would be working in the entertainment industry because you essentially get to experience all the same things a celebrity does- parties, press conferences, premieres, etc., just not in the spotlight. Of course, it is disappointing to know the I will never be a beloved household name, but knowing I could do that for someone else is something I get excited for.

Entertainment PR pros are usually referred to as “publicists” and publicists are basically the “media work’s version of cheerleaders” (Deahl, 2016, para. 1), seeing as they are hired to get their clients face in the media. They also schedule press releases, events and appearances for their clients (Deahl, 2016). Another important duty of a publicist is to make and maintain relationships with journalists (Deahl, 2016). This is important because PR pros and journalists work very closely with one another and rely on each other for their work. All publicists generally have the same goal in mind: get their clients publicity and save them when they do something bad. However, the ways they go about accomplishing this goal and smaller tasks they complete along the way differ, depending on what industry they are in.

In the entertainment industry there are five main types of publicists, these include: celebrity, fashion, book, sports and political publicists. The job of a celebrity publicist includes getting their celebrity publicity, determining what goes public and what stays private about their client’s life and also saving their client’s butt when they get in trouble (Kennedy). Although this is a hard industry to break into, celebrity publicists tend to get paid more than working for a PR firm (Kennedy). Fashion publicists need to know about the fashion industry as well as the social and economic effects on consumer buying. Fashion publicists also help with getting their designer noticed and organizing their shows and public events/appearances (Kennedy). A book publicist helps their clients gain publicity from their books and also assist in promoting their books. Recently, book publicists have turned to social media as the main way to promote a new book (Kennedy). A sports publicist needs to have background knowledge about the sport, so they can answer questions and better represent their player. A sports publicist is similar to a celebrity publicist in that they try and put their clients in the limelight in order to gain publicity (Kennedy). Finally, a political publicist helps to book public events and appearances for their candidate as well as assist when unavoidable scandals occur (Kennedy).

Like I mentioned earlier, the main goal of a publicist is to get their client exposure to the public. One way this can be done is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which an influencer (a creator, expert, celebrity, etc.) endorses a product (Freberg, 2016). Some ways to make sure an influencer marketing campaign successful is to make sure the influencer fits the brand or product they are endorsing (Freberg, 2016). It wouldn’t make sense for a football player to be the face of Hostess Donuts because athletes and junk food don’t really fit together. It would make more sense for a football player to be the face of a protein powder, because those two things would make sense together in most people’s minds. Another way to make an influencer campaign successful is to let the influencer’s voice be heard (Freberg, 2016). It is important for the influencer to feel like they have some sort of say in the product they are vouching for. This helps make their message more authentic and thus more believable the the influencer really does love the product.

Doing research for this blog post really inspired me to pursue my dream job and break into the entertainment industry. Although it may be tough, I think working in the entertainment industry will be rewarding each and everyday because it is something I thoroughly enjoy and have a passion for!



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