Perfect Resumé Process

One of the biggest burdens of all time is creating a resumé. I mean really. They seem like they should be so simple and straight forward but really they require a seemingly unnecessary amount of time and effort. I have struggled with crafting my resumé ever since I applied for my first job (which I did not get– most likely because of my below average resumé)! However, resumés are SO  important! When used correctly, a beautifully created resumé can have the power to bring a piece of paper to life and help employers see the actual person they could hire.

This week I decided that I would no longer allow myself to struggle through the resumé making process. I told myself it was time to seek help. I turned to my campus career center and made an appointment with Jackie. Jackie looked over my resumé and img_6392helped me make A LOT of changes to it! She explained to me what is important to have on a resumé and why, and also how to embed my employable skills into every possible aspect of my resumé. Here is a link to a PDF version of a booklet she gave me that can gives examples and outlines of resumés. We also talked about cover letters, internships and getting involved more on campus. I feel like I learned a ton in my meeting with Jackie and I feel more motivated to revamp my resumé and look for more opportunities to get involved on campus!

I encourage you all to look for ways you can better yourselves, not just as a person but as the “persona” you portray when you are not physically in person. This “persona” can be be considered the person you are on social media or the person you illustrate on a resumé. Maintaining an accurate image online and in writing is just as important as being a professional, respectable and confident human being!

Here is a link to a website that provides 10 free and fun resumé templates! Good luck to everyone in their resumé building process and during their job hunt!!


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