Working with Words

ways-to-live_18637072_5b7d0ebbc26bf29c615e4729326e5653d0722754Words seem to be able to help us in almost every point in our lives. Words help us express
to others how we are feeling inside and can turn everyday events into a poetic affair. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am constantly searching and surrounding myself with quotes and phrases that shed a light to how I am feeling or inspire me to become a better person. This week I used the website Piktochart to create a infographic of some of my favorite quotes to live by.

In order to create this infographic, I started with a blank template. I decided on a color scheme and created the background accordingly. Then, I picked some shapes to use as boxes to fill my quotes with. I added some decorative icons to fill up the rest of the space and finally added in my quotes. I saved my project to my computer so I could upload it to social media or print it. I am really happy with how my finished product turned out and am excited to use this new tool to create new content in the future!


Picture credit:

Androsky, S. (18 July 2013).Blog post [Words Have Power]. Retrieved December 3, 2016 from

Guglielmetti, G. (3 December 2016). Screenshot. [Thoughts to Live By].


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