Card-Sized Creativity

Business cards. Who says they just have to be for businesses? Business cards can be a great way to jump to the next step in your personal branding process. This week, I had the chance to create my own business card, in this post I will walk you through my process and show you my finished product!

My first thought when I sat at my desk chair, staring at my computer screen was, “I have no idea what I want to create.” How do I want to portray myself through this tiny 3.5x 2 inch card? How could I create a card that expressed who I am in such a small space? I decided to go the simplicity route. I didn’t want my card to be too busy but I still wanted it to be creative and unique to me. In high school, I had created my own “logo”


and thought it would be perfect to include on my business card since it is simple yet personal. After I placed the logo on my card, I designed the rest of the card around it, using a similar color scheme and font. My card turned out to look simple, classy and professional and I am very happy with the result! Here is how my card turned out-


To create my business card I used InDesign. It was fun to use a new form of technology and figure out how to use all the tools to create my vision. This link provides helpful tips for using InDesign and here you can find helpful hints for creating your own business card. I encourage you to check these out and start thinking about creating your own business card! Happy designing!screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-5-38-22-pm


Photo credits-

Guglielmetti, G. (16 November 2016). Screenshot. [Front of Business Card].

Guglielmetti, G. (16 November 2016). Screenshot. [Back of Business Card].

Guglielmetti, G. (16 November 2016). Screenshot. [InDesign].


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