What are you sharing?

Social media is a tool used by almost everyone now a days. Companies and brands use all platforms of social media to promote their products and increase exposure of their brand to potential customers. Websites such as TweetDeck can be used to manage Twitter profiles and even set scheduled tweets. This week, I learned how to use TweetDeck and found it was a very useful tool, especially for companies who need to tweet on a specific schedule in order to promote a product or event that is coming up. I personally used TweetDeck to schedule 5 tweets that will be posted throughout the month of November. Posting regularly and keeping your followers updated in your life is crucial in maintaining an effective social media profile, so the schedule tweet tool is screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-12-32-17-pmextremely helpful! Here is the screenshots of the tweets that I scheduled for this month.

In addition to social media being beneficial to professional companies and brands, social media can also be a useful tool in promoting your own personal brand. Since there are many different platforms of social media, boosting your personal brand is quite easy. You just have to make sure your brand is consistent across all forms of media. This link provides more information on how to build your brand through social media!

Speaking of personal branding, I have recently noticed that my personal social media accounts do not have a consistent theme that makes them tied to me specifically. I have decided that from now on, I will work on making all my tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook statuses, etc. consistent with my personal brand. I will work on posting things that promote positivity and confidence throughout all my social media. I found this website that gives tips on how to promote positivity through social media. Be sure to check it out! Don’t forget to follow me on my other social medias too to stay up to date:

Twitter- @gabigug312

Instagram- @gabrielle_guglielmetti



Photo credits:

Guglielmetti, G. (1 November 2016). Screenshot. [Scheduled Tweets]. Retrieved from https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/


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