The Business of YOU

Have you ever met someone who just possesses something that makes you love to be in their presence? It could be a type of energy or spirit they have, or a personality quirk that just makes that person who they are. This specific quality is part of that person’s personal brand. It is a distinguishing factor that sets them apart from everyone else that you know. You remember that person specifically for that one factor and you keep coming back to them because of that factor. Many people don’t realize the importance of their personal brand, however, once they do realize it’s importance and hone in on ways to strengthen their personal brand, the way in which others see them can drastically change.

This article provides helpful insights on how to build your personal brand. By using these initial steps, you can start to construct the criteria for your personal brand and eventually possess the thing that attracts others to you.

For me, my personal brand is about confidence and motivation. These are qualities I find very important and crucial to success. When I interact with someone, my goal is to make the other person not feel self-conscious, by instead confident. I also hope to inspire or motivate everyone I come into contact with. Whether it’s a simple phrase like “good job” or a long, thought out speech,  I hope that I have a positive impact on everyone I meet!

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 4.27.36 PM.pngTo help with my personal brand, I used the website BrandYourself to discover what kinds of results are showing up when someone searches my name on Google. I discovered that my initial score was a B- and used tools on the website to help increase my score and produce more positive results in Google when someone searches my name. I think this website is a great tool to use for anyone looking to start creating their personal brand!



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