Before Building the Dream

Everyone wants to live their dream but only few individuals actually live to make their dreams a reality. The first step in the process of creating your dream life is deciding where to start. Unfortunately, this is the part in which most people usually fail. Building confidence and self-esteem are screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-12-47-06-amcrucial in establishing your dream life, so they seem like a good place to start. Throughout the journey of following your dreams, you will hit road blocks and others will try and tear you down. This is why having high self-confidence and/or self- esteem are so important when creating your dream life.

Self- confidence is difficult to acquire for many but necessary in the recipe for a productive life. Here is a link that provides 25 helpful ways to boast your self-confidence. If you find you are lacking in self-confidence I would suggest checking out the link because it has some great tips!

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-12-42-24-amSelf- esteem can rise and fall with individuals depending on the situation they are currently in. For me personally, I find myself lacking self-esteem when I am somewhere new. However, once I start to adjust to  a new place or situation, my self-esteem slowly starts to increase. This happens almost naturally at times but other times it may take a little more effort. The process of building self-esteem can be exhausting and requires patience and practice in order to achieve a high level. Here, you can find some self-esteem building activities that you can incorporate into your everyday life in order to gain a higher level of self-esteem.

You must continue to motivate yourself in order to push through the difficulties in life and this is especially hard when your self-esteem is lacking. People who have hit a low in their life may ask, “What is motivation?” or “How do I get motivation?” This link provides a close look at what motivation is, the components of motivation, some theories of motivation and more. Make sure to check it out and bookmark it so you can visit it whenever you are feeling unmotivated!

I hope this post has helped you get an idea of how to start living the life you want!


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